There’s the moment in time when you know you are about to be in a car accident. The split second when everything stops, time stands still and you are overwhelmed with fear and acceptance all at once. The knowledge that your life will forever be sectioned into two parts after the next moment…….. before, and after.

This is theHELL

We all have things in our life that stand out, moments in time you remember for one reason or another… Sometimes it’s a tiny irrelevant detail, but it can also be the time you hit a dog in your car.

This is theHELL

When Matt Skiba and Atom Willard got together with a bunch of ideas. There were moments to remember, and they’re more like the big ones… The idea to get things done their own way, and to do it themselves, to worry about making no one but themselves happy… since that is what they started doing this for anyway. They recorded 4 songs in 3 days the “old” way.. leaving the imperfections, the irregularities, the distinctions of their performance to remain.The result is just like the moment you are being punched in the stomach, and you have every muscle clenched against the blow, the moment you try to avoid the un-avoidable, and realize you can’t. You know your breath will come back in time, it just seems to take too long.

This is theHELL.

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